Summer, Chasa Gallas

Situated just outside the Swiss National Park this high alpine area is a paradise for hikers and bikers and all those who love the outdoors and nature. During the summer an infinite choice of mountain walks for all levels offers breathtaking views of the area, its flowers and wildlife. Alpine rhododendrons, deep blue gentians and edelweiss delight the eye; bearded vultures circle high above whilst ibex and chamois roam the highest peaks, and marmots whistle and play in high alpine grasslands.

No need to worry about a car as public transport facilitates walks and excursions in the valley, the Swiss National Park and as far as the Lower Engadine.

Numerous alp huts, where the cattle are sent to graze on the meadows during the summer months, provide light snacks of local produce for the hungry hiker or mountain biker.

The local swimming pool, surrounded by meadows, provides fun and relaxation for all ages. Come autumn the glorious golden colour of the larch trees amid the pines is a sight to behold.

Tschierv and Piz Daint, Chasa GallasvGarden, Chasa Gallas The Val Müstair view from the Umbrail Pass, Chasa Gallas Lai da bastuns, Chasa GallasPiz Starlex, Chasa Gallas Fauna and flora, Chasa Gallas Walking trails, Chasa Gallas Lai da Juata, Chasa GallasFauna and flora, Chasa Gallas Ortler, Chasa Gallas Alp da Munt, Chasa Gallas Moon over Piz d’Aint, Chasa GallasTschierv in autumn, Chasa Gallas Golden larches, Chasa Gallas Autumn colours, Chasa Gallas Autumn, Chasa GallasFauna and flora, Chasa Gallas Fauna and flora, Chasa Gallas Arolla pines, Chasa Gallas